Joshua Tree Video is a boutique production company, so you know you’ll be working directly with me, Josh Gippin. I put my heart and soul into every project to build up my portfolio, to get great recommendations, and to build a loyal client base.  Here’s why my clients get excellent quality and value:

Josh camera3

QUALITY: I began my career as a cultural anthropologist turned documentary filmmaker. For me, video production is simply storytelling with sounds and images. I pride myself on the ability to collaborate with my clients and to help them tell their own stories using rich sounds and images. I’ll say no more about quality and let my portfolio of videos on this website speak for itself.

VALUE: Though I work with cutting-edge technology, my business philosophy is old-fashioned, tried and true: work hard, do right by people, and give back to the community. I have a home-based business in Akron, Ohio with zero employees, and I spend nothing on advertising. That's why I'm able to offer pricing that is incredibly competitive in relation to the high quality of services I provide. 

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